Don't Worry, Be Healthy
Stressful times can wreak havoc on our bodies. But it's not just our physical symptoms that need a little TLC during moments of uncertainty and change. Fear and anxiety can make both adults and children feel overwhelmed. Stress can disturb regular sleep patterns, affect eating habits, negatively impact mood, change one's ability to concentrate and focus, and much more.

To cope with the unexpected, we've put together everything you need to feel more balanced mentally and physically. By giving you the support you need, we hope to offer you a little peace of mind. Here you'll find selections for both adults and children that include supplements, homeopathic solutions, herbal formulas, and aromatherapy to help you find your Zen.
Relieving Stress and Anxiety

When your body experiences stress, a hormone called cortisol is produced by your adrenal cortex. This important hormone allows our bodies to better react to stress. One of the ways it does so is by increasing the amount of glucose in your bloodstream to make energy available to your muscles.

However, prolonged periods of stress and unexpected difficult times can negatively impact your body by spiking your cortisol levels and feelings of anxiousness.

Chronic stress, whether caused by something internal or external, can lead to numerous health concerns such as weight gain, chronic fatigue, and even increased blood sugar levels. The effect of stress on children can be adverse as well.

In order to keep stress levels under control, it is important to find activities to help ground you and keep your anxiety in check. Meditation, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, and relaxing teas are all great for reducing cortisol levels. Additional supplementation of vital nutrients and herbs can also be a solution to your worries.

Balance Your Hormones

The adrenal glands are endocrine organs located just above your kidneys, and they help produce and regulate hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. These stress hormones help the body process carbs, metabolize fat and protein, and control inflammation.

Maintaining adrenal health is vital to supporting your body’s healthy stress response, especially in this climate. Whether stress is mental, physical, daily, or occasional, this mechanism allows you to adapt to a situation by heightening your senses and response time.

When stressors subside, the production of stress hormones returns to normal, and the body begins to repair itself. However, if constant stress is experienced, adrenal fatigue can occur. An overstimulated adrenal system could lead to exhaustion, weakened immune function, and even weight gain.

Brain Health

Prolonged periods of chronic stress can impact your brain health and function. It’s not uncommon to feel forgetful, distracted, and overwhelmed when dealing with sudden changes related to life, work, and even school schedules.

Some of the brain function that can be disrupted due to stress can include memory, cognition, and focus. To help maintain healthy brain performance, it’s important to establish a consistent daily routine, get enough sleep at night, and find a good support network. This, in addition to other healthy lifestyle changes, can help you feel more in control of an uncertain situation.

Plus, to help keep your cognitive performance in tip-top shape, supplements, herbal formulas, and targeted nutrients can offer some relief and help you and your whole family deal with stress-related changes.

Improving Your Mood

Your mood and emotions have a powerful effect on what goes on inside your body. You might have noticed that when you go through a stressful or emotionally uncertain time, you may catch a cold, get more headaches, or have trouble sleeping. This is why it’s important to be mindful of your mood and the ways in which you can improve it.

In addition to lifestyle and dietary changes, there are products that can help improve your mood. Here you’ll find remedies and natural formulas for both adults and children to help boost your serotonin levels and maintain a more positive disposition.

Whether you’re looking for supplements to balance your mood or soothing aromatherapy to unwind, here’s something that’ll make everyone smile.

Improving Your Sleep

Sleeping is a crucial part of taking care of yourself. Getting enough shut-eye at night gives your body the opportunity to recharge from the activities of the day.

Sleeping is also important for maintaining overall mood, concentration, and productivity for children and adults alike. When your body is stressed, not getting enough quality sleep can affect your energy levels and immune system health.

Some of the things you and your family can do to ease into a comfortable night-time routine include disconnecting from all electronics an hour before bed, avoiding heavy meals late in the evening, and dimming house lights closer to bedtime.

Essential oils and calming teas can also promote relaxation before bed. Additional natural supplementation can support more sound sleep.