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Vedic Mantra

About Vedic Mantra

As a part of Natrol,Inc, Vedic Mantra in a line of herbal and botanical supplements that are formulated in conjunction with Bikram Choudhury, an innovator of Bikram Yoga. As such, these supplements are designed with yoga practitioners in mind, focusing on potentially improving such core yoga facets as nutrition, relaxation, breathing, meditation, and exercise.

Each Vedic Mantra supplement is designed with a distinct Ayurvedic herbal blend as its basis. However, that doesn’t mean they are only for yoga practitioners. Anyone who is looking to improve their mood and wellness is welcome to try these great Vedic Mantra supplements.

Some of the more popular Vedic Mantra supplements that we carry are Bill MenZ & WomeN (Weight Control), GarLIP, GitON, and much more.