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About Barlean's

Organic oils can be a vital addition to your lifestyle. In their purest forms, organic oils can be more beneficial to your body than highly processed oils. Processing removes some of the properties that makes these oils work - and capsules are often made of unnecessary additives.

Barleans oils come in the purest forms available, and their signature "cold pressing" method ensures they're fresh and nutritious. PureFormulas is proud to carry an extensive collection of Barleans Organic Oils because like us, they care about your health. We also care about your taste buds; that's why we're pleased to offer selections from Barleans Organic Oils' "Swirl" line - you can enjoy all the perks of organic oils without the original flavor. Barleans began as a small family farm and fishery, and in 1989 began selling essential oils. And for good reason, too- today, almost as many as 8 out of 10 Americans may be deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids. A major deficiency like this can have consequences, so being supplemented with oil naturally may be beneficial to you.

PureFormulas brings your choice of Barleans Organic Oils straight to your doorstep, fresh and ready to use, and all at affordable prices.